Photo and Film and Video Restoration.

We provide restoration services for both photographs and visual media such as 8 mm, super 8, 16 mm films as well as VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV tapes.  As with any restoration, the more time spent on restoring the object, the more it will cost.  

Restoration of visual media is placed on DVD or Blu Ray disc or back to a fresh VHS ( per customer request ) as well as portable media such as digital formats of the Client's choosing.  Photographs and slides can be printed out and framed per client request, but all completed comes on CD or DVD for the hard copy and can placed in a Dropbox account the customer can access for 90 days.  

Original photographs, slides, and visual media are never physically altered and are returned in the same condition as received.

As stated above, pricing is variable according to amount of damage to media and time spent in restoration.  All pricing and package details are determined prior to work, so the quoted price is the one you pay, no surprises.